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 Welcome to the Academy!

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PostSubject: Welcome to the Academy!   Sat Mar 29, 2014 2:02 am

Word has spread that a new Duel Academy has opened, and although not much is known of this institution, they've promised that they will turn their students into top notch duelists; however.. rumor has it that strange events have been occurring on campus. Reports of these events have gone overlooked and tossed aside, but the school assures the public that these alleged rumors are false. Among these rumors are word of missing students who later turn up.. different, and hallucinations of strange creatures, but despite all of this you still decide to attend.

As you are at home watching television, listening to the radio, or even passing by a television screen on the street, a sense of instinct alerts you to pay attention, and as you do you notice it is the headmaster of the new Duel Academy speaking. The Head Master begins mentioning the strange events occurring at his school, and as he speaks you begin to feel a burning sensation on your hand, along with cold chills and being able to actually feel and touch the monsters you summon.. If something really is happening at this school.. it now involves you.
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Welcome to the Academy!
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